In this in-depth interview, Marna speaks with Elaine Grohman.

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Marna McKinney, of Nashville, Tennessee, is not your typical Earth Mother. She is so much more than that. Marna has spent a lifetime getting to know Mother Earth, not merely as a place to live, but as a Being to communicate with. Marna has learned to listen, and then begin to understand the Language and the depth of Wisdom that is available to us all from our Living Earth. As a consummate student of Life, Marna has learned to pay attention to information that we so sorely need in our world. When we learn to follow the patterns of Nature, we learn how to maintain, regain and restore our sense of Self. Through the Spirit, the Body, the Emotions and the Mind. 

 It is evidenced in the current human condition that without proper nutrition our Body cannot survive. Malnutrition is rampant in the forms of obesity, chronic conditions and escalating heath challenges. We can appear to function, move and live, but over time, as we clearly can witness, we have forgotten the true meaning of Health, and in so doing we are gradually losing our own precious health. 

As a woman, organic gardener, mother, grandmother, and herbalist, Marna McKinney knows that the Garden is both a Pharmacy and a Cornucopia of Nutrients for the Whole Being. When we learn to "go back to our roots," we might find that what we need has been under our feet all along.

Marna shares recipes, offers workshops and lectures in a joyful sharing of this important Earth Wisdom. To contact Marna McKinney, please go to her website:    

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